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Weddings with a Heart

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1405 capella south, newport, rl, 02840
Phone: 321-261-1544

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Services Provided: Officiants, Photographers

I am Don Beach, and I specialize in small, relaxed, casual, very romantic and just plain fun ceremonies on beaches, in gardens and parks, or a location of your choosing, with photography that is affordable and simply beautiful.
We offer you simply the best, most exciting, romantic and intimate wedding ceremonies this side of the Atlantic Ocean! We are sailing, surfing, sea shell hunting, wave riding, sand castle building, sunset watching beach people through and through, and after 12 years (and many beach weddings performed and photographed along the Atlantic Coast..), serving New England and the eastern coastal areas of Florida, we bring our unique island style officiating and photography to couples who desire more than generic, department store experience!
Based in Newport from June through mid-October every year, we serve Jamestown, East Bay, Block Island, and South County Rhode Island, including select areas on Cape Cod.
We are THE beach wedding experts, and the original conch shell blowing barefoot wedding officiant and photographer!

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