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The Benefits of Having a Wedding Registry

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Rhode Island Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

If you are a bride and a groom planning a wedding, chances are you’ve been asked exactly where you are registered for gifts. There are many benefits to registering for gifts for your wedding. Registering for gifts is not only helpful for you; it is actually very helpful for your guests. It allows them to get you something that you truly want. Brides and grooms traditionally registered for household items to set up their first home together. In this day and age many couples have lived together or lived on their own. They don’t need many of the classic items that couples used to register for. But a wedding registry is still a very useful idea with lots of benefits.

Quite frankly a wedding registry keeps your guests organized and helps them find gifts that you truly want and need. If this is your second marriage, you may be registering for items that are not of a household nature. You may be registering for barbecue equipment you can use in the summertime or something that would be fun for your family. Without a wedding registry your guests would go out and try to purchase gifts on their own. They would have no idea what you would like. Or even if they had some idea of what you would like – there would be the strong possibility that you would wind up receiving six or seven of the same item because your wedding guests would not know that you already had gotten this gift. A wedding registry keeps your guests on track. A wedding registry is also helpful even if your guests do not buy you a gift from the wedding registry – they may get ideas from the wedding registry of gifts that you might like. But without the wedding registry they will be very unsure of what to get you.

A wedding registry helps keep you organized. This is one time in your life when you as a couple can ask for gifts that you would like and most people will be likely to provide them. It is an excellent opportunity to think of items that you truly want or need. Even if you already have traditional household items there may be items that you need or would make your home more pleasurable. Some couples have even registered for their mortgage. While they don’t expect their guests to pay for their entire mortgage, receiving wedding gifts that help to cover part of the cost of a new home is extremely beneficial. Asking for gifts through your wedding registry is an excellent time to ask for these gifts you truly want and need.

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