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Save Money Planning Your Wedding

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Rhode Island Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

If you are planning a wedding, then you know just how costly this type of event can be. Sometimes it feels like everywhere you turn – there is another added expense or type of vendor that you need for the wedding. Fortunately there are some ways that you can cut costs. If you are interested in cutting costs it is important to open minded and willing to consider options. The bride and groom that are open to more choices will be able to save more money than the couple that only wants one thing. It is also very helpful that you start planning your wedding as soon as possible. You can typically find more deals to save money when time is on your side. As things get closer and closer to the wedding, the prices of things can go up simply because vendors will add rush fees. So be open to ways to save money everywhere.

A great way to save money is by selecting seasonal flowers for your flowers. Brides and grooms that select seasonal flowers typically save about a half to a third of the original cost of their flower budget, depending what type of flowers they have and also what is in season. Seasonal blooms can be lovely. Remember that most people will not be inspecting your flowers with a magnifying glass; they will just notice that you had beautiful flowers at the event. A day or so later – very few people will even be able to remember what type of flowers you had at the event. So when you go to the florist, ask them first what is in season for the time you are planning your wedding and try to select something from there. You’ll see the costs go way, way down right away.

Brides can also save money on their wedding dress if they are open to looking at a wedding dress from a consignment store. This used to be far rarer, and there weren’t that many dresses available. Now there are entire consignment stores dedicated to wedding dresses, so brides truly have their pick of the cream of the crop. You can find a beautiful dress for a half or even a third of the price if you are willing to wear a dress that someone else has worn. Remember that typically your dress will need alterations and you will need to find someone well skilled to do this. Sometimes a store can recommend someone but a consignment store does not always give this referral. But remember with a wedding dress – the bride has only worn this dress once! Most of us can think of wearing a dress that someone else has worn once. Another great tip: when you are done with your wedding, turn around and sell your dress through the consignment store. When another bride buys your dress, you’ll get a check for part of the sale amount. Now that’s really saving money on a dress.

Think creatively about the location of your wedding. This is where much of your expense will be. Perhaps you could have your wedding at a local church hall or at an Elks Lodge. Maybe there is a nice looking Women’s Club or community center nearby. Try to think outside of the box and think creatively. If your wedding is small (fewer than 50 people) then think of having the wedding at someone’s home. This is a very old fashioned tradition and can be a lovely way to have your wedding. You could have the wedding at your home or at a friend’s house.

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