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Planning Your Destination Wedding

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Rhode Island Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Are you thinking about having a destination wedding? Destination weddings are hot now. So many couples are not only having lavish, extravagant weddings – but they are inviting their nearest and dearest to join them in some exotic location to celebrate their special day. It used to be that a destination wedding was reserved for the elite, for the jet-setting or international celebrities who might have several homes in different countries. Now your everyday Joe and Jane can comfortably have a destination wedding fit for a king and a queen.

The airfare wars have only helped the destination wedding business. All of these various companies that encourage you to select your own airfare price have left destination wedding guests and hosts with a nice situation of attending destination weddings quite easily. You can now get airfare to Hawaii, the Caribbean or European locations for half or even less than the original ticket price. People now almost expect to get some sort of special deal on their airline tickets. The best thing to consider when planning a destination wedding is to encourage your guests and attendants to obtain their tickets early: this will allow them to take full advantage of any special deals they can find.

The Internet has also been so useful to the destination wedding business. Hotels and other locations now post video tours of their locations so that you can do a virtual walk through of the location, really to see if you would like to have your event there. This is so much more helpful than simple photographs. Brides and grooms planning a destination wedding can now easily visit literally any country, any location on the globe that they please – as most will have a website to attract their guests and allow people to register online. Some brides and grooms will take this a step further and plan a mini vacation to a destination to check out several locations, just as you would in planning any location. The price of airfare and hotel packages makes this quite easy.

Some popular locations for destination weddings include Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bermuda, California and Europe. Now brides and grooms are fortunate to have every romantic destination at their fingertips as a selection when they consider where they should get married. A destination wedding can be so much fun for the bride and groom – but also for the guests. Many of the guests look forward to a destination wedding and will often extend their stay so they can enjoy visiting that location.

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