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In Lieu of Wedding Gifts…

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Some brides and grooms ask for different things in lieu of wedding gifts. There are different opinions about this. There is a saying that it is not what you ask: it is how you ask for it. This is very important to keep in mind when asking anything for any type of wedding gift. Everyone appreciates good manners.

Occasionally brides and grooms will ask their wedding guests for cash instead of wedding gifts. This is an etiquette no-no. Asking your family and friends for cash is truly frowned upon. While many of your friends and family will give you money as a gift – it is not appropriate to ask them for this. But if friends or family ask you what you would like, you could mention something large that you would like to put money towards. Some brides and grooms are now registering for their mortgage. You can set this up with the bank. It is basically like setting up a savings account and your family and friends go in and make deposits. Asking family and friends for gifts in this way is at least putting their cash towards a specific goal. But asking for cash is truly considered a no-no.

Other brides and grooms have asked for wedding guests to give donations to charity instead of wedding gifts. This is a very thoughtful wedding gift. It is a very special couple that thinks of others at such an important time in their life. Most couples select a charity that is close to their heart. Often the bride or groom or a family member has had a personal experience with the charity or the cause affected by the charity. This is a wonderful way to reach out and help others through your joy. Many wedding guests are happy to comply.

While you can ask your wedding guests to give you something in lieu of gifts it is important to understand that this is simply a request and that not every guest is going to listen to this. Many guests may decide to buy you a wedding gift. It is very helpful to understand that your wedding guests need to feel comfortable in order to do whatever they would like to do the most. They will want to express their love for you. But some guests are simply not comfortable giving a check for someone – even if it is for charity. People can be very funny about money. Focus on making your guests feel comfortable and they will do what they feel is best.

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