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Rhode Island Weddings

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Hello and welcome to - the place to be if you are planning a wedding in Rhode Island. Take the time to peruse our directory of qualified Rhode Island area wedding vendors to find the one that's right for your special day! Need some advice? Look through our Rhode Island wedding articles for ideas, tips, and more!
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Your wedding is your day. When you hold your wedding in a picturesque place like Rhode Island, you are able to live your dreams. This is a day you have seen over and over again since you were little. There is no reason why you should have to compromise on any part of your dream wedding. Luckily when you have your wedding in Rhode Island, there is no reason to compromise on anything.

When planning a wedding in Rhode Island, you can choose the city which best fits your description of a dream location. If you envision a metropolitan location, Providence is a great choice. You can also enjoy the more slowed down cities in Rhode Island like Pawtucket and Cranston. The different cities have their own charm which will add to your wedding.

Rhode Island is a destination for many weddings. This is why there are so many different vendors and venues to choose from. By looking around, you are sure to find the perfect services for your wedding. You can choose a great hotel which will double as a venue. You can also choose to have your dress made in a great old fashioned Rhode Island style to complete the wedding of your dreams.
From The Blog
In Lieu of Wedding Gifts…

Posted under Wedding Ideas

Some brides and grooms ask for different things in lieu of wedding gifts. There are different opinions about this. There is a saying that it is not what you ask: it is how you ask for it. This is very important to keep in mind when asking anything for any type of wedding gift. Everyone appreciates good manners. Occasionally brides and grooms will ask their wedding guests for cash instead of wedding gifts. This is an etiquette no-no. Asking your family and friends for cash is truly frowned upon. While many of your friends and family will give you money as a gift – it is not appropriate to ask them for this. But if friends or family ask you what you would like, you could mention something large that you would like to put money towards. Some brides and grooms are now registering for their mortgage. You can set this up with the bank. It is basically like setting up a savings account and your family and friends go in and make deposits. Asking family and friends for gifts in this way is at ...continue »
Tips to Planning a Successful Honeymoon

Posted under Wedding Ideas

Are you getting married and planning your honeymoon? Many couples look forward to their honeymoon as an opportunity to relax and get away from it all. The honeymoon is held out as this ideal dream vacation that is almost like a fantasy. Some people have more thought about where they will go and what they will do on their honeymoon trip than about their wedding. With airfare at an all-time low, many couples are now traveling further distances than ever before. It is literally possible in today’s global world to honeymoon just about anywhere that you please. When planning your honeymoon think about what the two of you want first. Do you want to travel to an exotic location? Do you want to travel to a well-traveled location? Do you want to go to an all-inclusive honeymoon resort? These are all popular choices – for different couples. Different choices will please different couples. The key is to investigate what choices would please you the most and help make a decision that would be be ...continue »
Planning Your Destination Wedding

Posted under Wedding Planning

Are you thinking about having a destination wedding? Destination weddings are hot now. So many couples are not only having lavish, extravagant weddings – but they are inviting their nearest and dearest to join them in some exotic location to celebrate their special day. It used to be that a destination wedding was reserved for the elite, for the jet-setting or international celebrities who might have several homes in different countries. Now your everyday Joe and Jane can comfortably have a destination wedding fit for a king and a queen. The airfare wars have only helped the destination wedding business. All of these various companies that encourage you to select your own airfare price have left destination wedding guests and hosts with a nice situation of attending destination weddings quite easily. You can now get airfare to Hawaii, the Caribbean or European locations for half or even less than the original ticket price. People now almost expect to get some sort of special deal on ...continue »
Save Money Planning Your Wedding

Posted under Wedding Planning

If you are planning a wedding, then you know just how costly this type of event can be. Sometimes it feels like everywhere you turn – there is another added expense or type of vendor that you need for the wedding. Fortunately there are some ways that you can cut costs. If you are interested in cutting costs it is important to open minded and willing to consider options. The bride and groom that are open to more choices will be able to save more money than the couple that only wants one thing. It is also very helpful that you start planning your wedding as soon as possible. You can typically find more deals to save money when time is on your side. As things get closer and closer to the wedding, the prices of things can go up simply because vendors will add rush fees. So be open to ways to save money everywhere. A great way to save money is by selecting seasonal flowers for your flowers. Brides and grooms that select seasonal flowers typically save about a half to a third of the origin ...continue »
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